It's common knowledge that people who work in the travel industry don't pay what WE pay. Dance families, teachers, and business owners spend so much on dance competition hotels and dance travel yet unfortunately, don't have access to better savings from the hospitality industry. 

But with this new portal and partnership, you finally can! Read below to learn more...


For Dance Lovers, Everywhere

If You Love Dance, You Qualify

Are you a dance parent, dance teacher, or studio director? Do you travel as a judge or run a dance event? 

In the dance industry, booking dance hotels and travel for your family can be quite expensive. Especially if you book dance competition hotels regularly, or need rooms for dance festivals, conventions, and other dance travel. You can also use this to save on family vacations, cruises, timeshares, car rentals, and more.


What Is Hotels For Dancers Exactly?

Your Portal To Savings

Hotels For Dancers is created by award-winning dance professional Shawn Byfield (above) and partners with ibuumerang, a travel technology company. We give away FREE wholesale travel links to dance lovers who want to save money booking travel. You simply receive a redeem code, set up your link, and then you have your own discount travel booking website for the rest of your life.

You benefit from the savings because there's ZERO cost in customer acquisition. Other companies spend millions of dollars in online and offline advertising. Through word of mouth and a free link, those savings are passed directly to you, the consumer.

Just like UBER. By using a free link on your phone, and using technology to book all your dance hotels, flights and trips yourself, you can now enjoy dance travel for less.

About Shawn Byfield

Shawn Byfield, an award-winning Canadian choreographer, adjudicator, and leader in the dance industry, recently partnered as a Travel Savings Ambassador with ibuumerang and Xstream Travel (yes, a real, multiple-award-winning travel agency, ranked top in the industry). 

You've seen Shawn in films such as HAIRSPRAY with Zac Efron and John Travolta, Blues Brothers 2000 with Dan Ackroyd and John Goodman, Bojangles with Gregory Hines, Make Your Move with BoA and Derek Hough, and more. He's worked with Adam Sandler, Jason Priestley, Andrea Martin, is a Dora Award winner, and has been nominated for a Gemini Award and two Black Canadian Awards.

Given Byfield's extensive career as a dance professional, this innovative service is geared toward dance families, performers in dance, theatre, and entertainment. And is also for anyone wanting to save up to 35% off on travel.

Who This Is For

Hotels For Dancers is for people who are already booking hotels, already booking flights, already booking vacations, already renting cars...but would probably want to do it for less.

And...the process takes 30 seconds!


Unfortunately, we're only allowed to give away so many discount booking links monthly which means, first come, first served. Redeem your code NOW before this month's supply is gone.

Simple Instructions To Start Saving:

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Enter the code sent in your email

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Enter your details 

Step Four

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You will be given a password. Take a screenshot or WRITE IT DOWN. 

(You'll need it in the next step)

Step Five

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Log in to your FREE travel site! 

(If you forgot or lost password, simply click “Forgot Password” to retrieve it)

Step Six

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Once your code is activated, use this link to log in again: 

(Bookmark that page for easy access)

Congratulations! Jazz Hands!

That's It! Enjoy Your Deals.

Look for your welcome email from "i Go 4 Less" and you now have lifetime access to discounted rates on dance travel, including more than 1,000,000 hotels and resorts worldwide.


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